Time & Synchronization

Precise Time and Synchronization (T&S) is crucial for Critical Infrastructure (CI), any system or asset that is essential to support vital societal functions such as health, safety and security, and to ensure the socio-economic well-being of the population. GNSS timing services are accessible globally, giving users access to global standards for time with nanosecond-level accuracy. However, cyberattacks are on the rise, causing catastrophes.

OHB Digital Solutions offers several shaped solutions for ensuring reliability and availability of GNSS signals, evaluating resilience, detecting and mitigating jamming and spoofing attacks, ensuring Critical Infrastructure’s integrity and precision.

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The telecommunications sector such as mobile communication, fixed-line networks, PMR and satellite communication, require Time and Synchronization solutions that are more accurate and resilient. Demands for network synchronization and increasing threats of tampering or interference are growing. We offer several shaped solutions that guarantee the resilience and integrity of GNSS signals.

In order to improve efficiency and performance, most data operators are turning precise Time and Synchronization. Time is emerging as a powerful tool for data operators to use against the rising tides of data. Nonetheless, time may also be interfered by cyberattacks. In order to ensure reliable and precise time, we offer several shaped solutions that will improve overall performance and efficiency.

New competitive demands and regulatory requirements are driving financial firms around the world to use highly precise timestamps on incoming information and transactions. Time has a high economic impact in national and worldwide markets, therefore, ensuring precise Time and Synchronization is unnegotiable, we help you ensure reliability and comply with stringent regulations.

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