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The manufacture and application of GNSS dependent products has fully evolved through technological breakthroughs and industrialization over the years, making it one of the most technology-sensitive critical industries. This industry is constantly evolving and continually developing stringent quality standards for component manufacturing and testing. If your enterprise wants to guarantee being at the forefront of the market, you must strictly adhere to these stringent standards.

OHB Digital Solutions offers several shaped solutions for testing your GNSS-related products and ensuring the integrity and reliability of GNSS signals: in the automotive and maritime sector, for geodesy and the development of costumer electronics.

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The automotive industry has developed stringent quality standards for component manufacturing and testing, due to the increasing complexity of its systems that help drive everything from the engine and powertrain to infotainment, communications, safety (e.g. eCall) and driver-assistance systems. We can help you meet stringent quality standards that rely on GNSS testing, allowing the replay of scenarios and a wide variety of test environments, which would be highly expensive, hazardous and sometimes impossible to evaluate in real life. XPLORA enables test automation, making testing procedures more efficient, reducing time-to-market.

According to International Maritime Organization (IMO), shipping is the world’s most international industry, leading to a higher impact in the environment. Making this industry efficient, safer and optimized is paramount. Accurate GNSS technology aims to bring innovation and optimization in navigation, fishing, oceanography and oil and gas exploitation benefiting leisure boats, commercial vessels, and unregulated and Safety of Life at Sea regulated ships.
Reliable navigation for vessels is essential, therefore, vessel manufacturers must pursue sensible and precise testing in order to guarantee functionality. We offer a High-End solution for testing your vessels under controlled conditions, offering a wide range of features to meet your specific needs.

The consumer electronics industry (smartphones, fitness or personal trackers) is revolutionized by the integration of GNSS. Creating tools at different levels of consumer needs, making the consumer’s life simpler and safer. To continue promising this safety and improvements in the consumers’ quality of life, it is necessary for manufacturers to carry out End-of-line (EOL) testing.

In geodesy, GNSS equipment is developed. Development of GNSS equipment needs tests under controlled conditions: tests have to be repeated over and over again in the lab (without a line-of-sight to the satellites) and also must be carried out for satellite systems that are not yet operational.
So reliable simulation data of satellite signals and an integrity check to harden the system against jamming and spoofing attacks are required.

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