Critical Infrastructure

Critical Infrastructure controllers must have reliable GNSS signals at all time. Any failure or GNSS interference can lead to GNSS outages, causing major consequences. Did you know that jamming interferences at critical infrastructure are becoming today more and more frequent?

OHB Digital Solutions offers a variety of shaped solutions for ensuring the integrity and reliability of GNSS signals, by 24/7 real-time monitoring for interference detection and mitigation, which can be tailored to your specific needs.

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The airport industry is an ever-evolving field thanks to recent and upcoming advancements in technology. Science will continue to provide us with more powerful and efficient ways to explore the skies and outer space of our world. As a result, enterprises in the industry must conform to the demands of shifting safety and quality standards.

Due to the criticality of the power system and the likelihood of future smart grid reliance on high-precision timing, resilience of the GNSS signals to interference, the rapid detection of intentional and unintentional time anomalies are key requirements. We offer a solution in order to guarantee reliability at all time and a testing solution that answers customer´s question: How resilient is your product?
Smart grid development is underway worldwide. Precision timing is keystone for guaranteeing protection, metering, and control of substation functions. Today, grid systems rely on GNSS, demanding high resilience and reliability on their receivers.

Nowadays, Automatic Identification System (AIS) and Vessel traffic Service (VTS) continue relying on GNSS. What would happen if these systems receive unreliable and inaccurate GNSS signals? Major disruptions impacting safe navigation, causing delayed shipping routes, casualties and even incidents that can result in serious loss of life and pollution of the marine environment. A wide variety of vessels move around the world each day. The efficiency, safety and optimization of marine transportation are key issues.

Space Ground Systems are highly critical infrastructures that enable the management for all space missions, whether commercial, military, or scientific. Therefore, guaranteeing intentional interference detection and mitigation is paramount. We offer the precise solution to your needs.

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