GNSS / GPS Security

Protect your product against GNSS / GPS – threats: GIDAS Embedded

GIDAS Embedded has been specially designed to add GNSS quality assurance to your existing product. With its flexibility, it can be easily integrated into your platform. The software package includes all GIDAS algorithms.

GNSS Security


  • Provides reliability on your operations
  • Ensures resilient PNT
  • Facilitates GNSS security
  • Protects proactively
  • Is compatible with any system

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More Solutions:

The heart and core of GIDAS. Our knowledge regarding GNSS interference detection poured into source code, forming a C++ library to be directly integrated into customer solutions.

We bring our knowledge directly to customer platforms. By supporting selected microcontrollers, GIDAS algorithms can run side-by-side with customer applications on existing hardware platforms.

GIDAS Analytics is a software suit for detailed post processing of digital I/Q signals. This is the best way to use our knowledge for your R&D or product development.