Government & Public Authorities

The government relies on GNSS for different governmental applications. In order to fulfill fundamental duties of security and justice, GNSS reliability must be secured.

OHB Digital Solutions offers several shaped solutions for ensuring the integrity and reliability of GNSS signals, by 24/7 real-time monitoring for interference detection and mitigation, which can be tailored to your specific needs.

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Radio traffic is an essential part of the public infrastructure. The digital transformation does not stop at the telecommunications authority – and unfortunately the same applies to cyber-attacks. Therefore, the purity and integrity of the radio frequencies must be ensured with our flexible shaped solutions to meet public authorities’ needs.

Today, governments are fully aware of intentional cyber-attacks related to GNSS, so most governments have implemented laws for the enforcement of laws, which restrict/forbid jamming and spoofing. We offer a tool to enforce the law by identifying criminals through real-time monitoring for jamming/spoofing detection to ensure the safety of both the public and private sectors.

Automated road tolling systems are rising and becoming more common on motor and expressways. GNSS represents a powerful solution to many of the challenges of today’s road tolling, needing a very high degree of accuracy and reliability. Unfortunately, there are also points of attack for toll dodgers – manipulation of on-board units (OBUs) through intentional interference of GNSS signals.
While automated toll systems are on the rise, so are technologies to circumvent these systems, such as jammers, which are known to be quite prevalent in the fleet sector. Toll companies and organizations should be wary of this. We offer the solution to identify toll evaders by making this information available to the administration and authorities.

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