Management Team

General Management

Bernhard Czar has joined OHB Digital Solutions as Chief Operating Officer in August 2021 and has been promoted to the CEO and General Manager for OHB Digital Solutions by 1st of November the same year.
Bernhard started his career in the semiconductor industry in 1996 with Mikron as design Engineer and Projectmanager. In 1997 Mikron was quired by Philips Semiconductor and Bernhard served as International Marketing Manager and later as Productmarketing Manager responsible for the bank-card-IC Portfolio with an annual revenue of €100Mio. In 2001 he joined austriamicrosystems being responsible for RF-Products and became Director Marketing and Productmanagement for the Businessunit Automotve in 2003. In 2011 he joined onsemi in Munich as Global Account Manager responsible for the global sales organization of onsemi for Continental Automotive with an annual revenue of above €100Mio.
Bernhard has left the semiconductor industry in 2013 by joining EFKON as Vicepresident Sales, Marketing and Business Development.
Bernhard holds a Masters diploma in Telecommunications and Informatics from the Technical University Graz and a MBA from the Management Centre Europe in Brussels.

Technical Management

Sascha Bartl has joined OHB Digital Solutions as research engineer and project manager in 2014 and has been promoted to the CTO by 1st of September 2021.
He is responsible for research and development activities within OHB Digital Solutions.
His research focuses on GNSS signal processing for quality assurance and simulation purposes. His experience in national and international research projects, consulting activities for international customers as well as product development provides him with a strong expertise in the field. Prior to OHB Digital Solutions, Sascha finished his studies of Geomatics Science at Graz University of Technology, where he is currently also working on his PhD thesis.

Operations Management

Manfred Hemmer joined the business in July 2022 as the Chief Operating Officer. In this role, he is responsible for designing and implementing business processes, ensuring quality standards, managing relationships with partners/vendors, and overseeing the daily operations of the company. Prior to joining the current organization, he worked for both national and international companies in the semiconductor and electronics industry. His experience includes working on various national and international projects, particularly in automotive operations. He also served as a senior project manager in supply chain management, leading multinational IT projects During this time, he also had the opportunity to be part of the integration team for newly acquired companies. Manfred Hemmer holds a degree in MultiMediaArt from University of Applied Science in Salzburg and a bachelor’s degree in electronics engineering.



Bernhard Czar
Bernhard Czar, CEO

Sascha Bartl
Sascha Bartl, CTO

Manfred Hemmer
Manfred Hemmer, COO