GNSS Receiver Evaluation

Depending on the target application, we focus on the following quality criteria:

  • Accuracy of the position, velocity,  time and attitude solution
  • Availability of the systems
  • Convergence time of the positioning techniques
  • Integrity of the information

Our evaluation methodology is based on years of experience in national and international research projects regarding positioning accuracy.

This is what we offer as part of this service:

  • Commissioning and configuration of your GNSS receivers or GNSS/INS systems
  • Execution of field tests in predefined scenarios selected together with the customer (e.g. test drives in urban environment)
  • Detailed analysis and assessment of the results
  • Complete documentation of the test campaign and of the test results

We also offer support during your further steps after the test campaign, e.g. selecting additional sensors or other GNSS equipment for improving positioning accuracy. Furthermore, we can support you in the economical optimization of your solution.

You are developing a GNSS-based application, but you are not sure which accuracy you can expect from your positioning systems in different scenarios?

We offer to test and compare your GNSS receivers or GNSS/INS systems under real-time conditions. These tests can be carried out for static and dynamic applications. We select an independent reference system depending on the class of your receiver (SPP, PPP, DGNSS or RTK). A trusted reference is the basis for our evaluation.

With us you can harden your GNSS reveiver!