We operate with SARONTAR a system with live team tracking for an effective and coordinated approach in Search and Rescue operations in wilderness environments.
All position data, received messages and warnings are processed by SARONTAR. This consolidated information is graphically presented on the mobile devices and the Mission Control Centre.
With the help of satellite-based positioning and communication, SAR teams at remote locations are coordinated by a central SAR Control Centre to support the tasks of rescue workers with position-dependent information. To support these forces, geo-information, remote sensing and communication techniques are used.

In the case of natural disasters (avalanches, landslides, flooding) or accidents in wilderness environments, the race against time is of essence. The affected persons should be provided with the necessary assistance as quickly and efficiently as possible. With SARONTAR, the focus is placed on exactly this fact: the rapid and coordinated organization support for emergencies in wilderness environments. As a satellite-based control system, SARONTAR can provide this support by improving the awareness of the situation and the coordination of the rescue forces.
The availability of a complete system significantly shortens the time required to rescue casualties, thereby significantly improving their chance of survival.
The technical realization of SARONTAR is based on the integration of satellite-based positioning, navigation, geo-information and communication.

SARONTAR is fully operational at the department of civil protection in Styria, Austria.

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