We are reseller for ORBCOMM  – a leading global provider of industrial Internet of Things (IoT) and Machine-to-Machine (M2M) communication solutions that remotely track, monitor, and control fixed and mobile assets.
ORBCOMM’s tracking and monitoring solutions allow owners and operators to stay in touch with their cargo and ensure asset visibility at every stage between point of origin and final destination.
ORBCOMM provides solutions for Fleet management, dry trailers, cold chain, container shipping, heavy industry, maritime, natural resources, government & military and speciality (e.g. oil & gas).

Hardware & connectivity

ORBCOMM satellite, cellular and dual-mode IoT hardware is rugged, reliable and tailored for the industry in mind.

  • IoT Devices: comprehensive suite of satellite, cellular and dual-mode IoT hardware devices for a variety of asset tracking and monitoring applications.
  • Modems: using a single form factor, ORBCOMM’s versatile satellite IoT modems are interchangeable to offer maximum flexibility over multiple networks.
  • Sensors and Antennas: variety of high-performance sensors and antennas to help you improve asset management, message reliability, safety and security, and operational efficiency.
  • Routers: wide selection of routers and other hardware for wireless connectivity, business continuity, out-of-band management and IoT applications.

Web portals

From the robust ORBCOMM platforms for fleet management to turnkey Internet of Things (IoT) solution enablement, ORBCOMM delivers what enterprises and system integrators need to remotely monitor and control fixed and mobile assets around the world. By turning big data into actionable analytics and meaningful reports, ORBCOMM provides the intelligence you need to make informed business decisions that improve your bottom line.

For further information to the products, visit: ORBCOMM

For purchasing intentions, please contact us: office@ohb-digital.at