GNSS / GPS Monitoring

Protect critical infrastructure against GNSS interference: GIDAS Stationary

GIDAS Stationary is a cutting-edge, permanently installed GNSS quality assurance system, designed for safety-critical infrastructure, such as airports and ports. The air traffic controllers or port operators have a live view at the on-site health and quality of GNSS, before navigation systems are negatively affected by GNSS interference.


  • Provides reliability on your operations
  • Ensures resilient PNT
  • Facilitates GNSS security
  • Protects proactively
  • Is a long-lasting solution

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Technical Details:

GIDAS is composed of multiple monitoring sensors, deployed at the to-be-monitored area. All data is stored at one, locally installed monitoring centre, so the customer is in full control of its data and does not require cloud infrastructure. GIDAS performs continuous (24/7) and automatic jamming and spoofing detection, with real-time alerting (TTA < 6s) and can be interfaced with any higher-level system such as air traffic management consoles.
GIDAS is easily configurable and operatable via a web-based user interface, without the need for any software installation. The user interface’s responsive design supports multiple form factors (desktop PC, notebook, tablet, smartphone).

  • Supported satellite constellations: GPS, Galileo, GLONASS, Beidou, QZSS, SBAS / EGNOS
  • Supported signals: all civilian GNSS signals (e.g., L1/L2/L5, E1/E5ab, G1/G2, etc.)
  • Bandwidth: up to 68 MHz
  • Resolution: up to 2×12 bit (complex)
  • Operating system: Windows / Linux
  • Web-based user interface
  • Jamming detection
  • Spoofing detection
  • Interference signal classification: AM, FM, CW, SCW, Pulsed
  • Interference localization
  • Archiving of all results and raw, digital IQ signal snapshots