GNSS multisystem performance simulation environment



  • Optimization, test, and verification of acquisition and tracking algorithms
  • Evaluation of baseband-receiver hardware or positioning algorithms
  • Designing multipath and interference mitigation strategies and algorithms
  • GNSS signals for laboratory use
  • And many others


  • Flexible and modular design, open for special user requirements
  • 100% reproducible digital data (sample-, chip-, and bit-wise)
  • User-defined scenarios using GIPSIE software-based signal generation and digital IF samples data play-back
  • User-friendly graphical interface
  • Numerous parameter settings
  • Various bandwidths and resolutions possible
  • Record and play-back of live data with optional RF front-end and antenna
  • Reporting tool

Digital Signal Generator

Specify a navigation satellite system, define the influencing error sources, select a static or dynamic user scenario, choose the signal frequency and modulation scheme, specify the RF front-end and filter characteristics, and select the bit-stream parameters - the Digital Signal Generator will stream the in software generated, fully reproducible digital signals or recorded data into your baseband receiver for development, test, and verification.