Advanced Jamming + Spoofing System


Brief Description

OHB Digital Solutions GmbH provides a mobile Advanced Jamming + Spoofing System to test Global Navigation Satellite Systems (GNSS) applications against intentional interference, such as jamming or spoofing in real environment and real-time.
Most GNSS receivers rely on open service GNSS signals which can be easily affected by jamming or spoofing. The greater the dependency on GNSS services, the more serious the potential impacts of a GNSS interference. While GNSS jamming blocks deliberately the GNSS signal reception of GNSS receivers, the aim of spoofing is to manipulate the position and time information of the attacked receiver undetected.
OHB's Advanced Jamming + Spoofing System is capable of successfully performing sophisticated jamming and spoofing scenarios. Thus, it is possible to assess the vulnerability of existing GNSS solutions or the performance of countermeasures.

The Advanced Jamming + Spoofing System is used by governmental authorities and system integrators (be aware of possible export restrictions) with the aim to test and harden their GNSS-based infrastructure against possible jamming or spoofing attacks.
This mobile system, with its enhanced features, offers the most professional solution for confronting devices with interference signals as well as with the GNSS signals themselves.
The Advanced Jamming + Spoofing System consists of Hard- and Software for generating jamming and spoofing scenarios for GPS, Galileo and GLONASS signals in selected GNSS frequency bands.
When it comes to hardware, we use proven products from our Partner, such as the signal generator IZT S1000/S1010.
Thus, it is possible to assess the vulnerability of existing GNSS solutions or the performance of countermeasures in a protected environment.



Key performance characteristics:
AJ+S ensures mobility with its portable 19" box and can be put into operation within a few minutes at any place.


  • High-end signal generation
  • 19 inch computer with an integrated replay unit
  • Integrated reference receiver for performing synchronized spoofing attacks


  • based on the GIPSIE signal simulator
  • intuitive Graphical User Interface (GUI)