Enhancing Agriculture by Satellite Navigation Systems



Development of satellite based systems for generation of value-added services in the domain of agriculture. 

Brief Description

The project comprises two demonstrations:

  • Determination and registration of funded agricultural areas and
  • Precise farming applied to the disposition and the management of growing areas

The first task aims to develop a demonstration system applicable for farmers as well as the adherent inspection organisations. On location the involved person measures with a satellite-based (DGPS, EGNOS) and enhanced (to bridge GPS gaps due to obstruction) system and stores the appropriate data together with attributes (e.g., inclination). The measurement data will be transferred to a GIS on a desktop PC and a further submitted to INVEKOS (integrated administration and inspection system).  
A communication link is responsible for transmitting GPS correction data (in the sense of DGPS or EGNOS) and may act as a link between the mobile unit and the PC.  
The second task covers the use of satellite-based navigation techniques with special emphasis on planning for fruit-growing. The mobile unit for determining the areas as described above may also be used for a precise surveying of areas to be restructured. The key is a multi-purpose GIS (interoperable with INVEKOS) to manage, store, analyse, and display the data. Beyond that, the interaction and data exchange with existing optimisation programs may determine strategies for optimal sowing. 


Project Partners

  • TeleConsult Austria GmbH, Austria (lead)
  • GISquadrat AG, Austria
  • HiTec – Vereinigung High Tech Marketing, Austria
  • Obstbau Wiesenhofer, Austria


  • Austrian Government (BMVIT)


  • Successfully completed in 2006