Personal Alarm System


OHB Digital Solutions GmbH operates with MODIS a personal alarm system to increase the security of lone workers in remote areas.

The communication between a smartphone and the MODIS server and the transmission of positions ensures that in case of emergency or accidents the responsibles for work safety are alerted as fast as possible and are provided with the necessary information. The provision of the location of the accident and the route taken by the employee in the working area accelerates and optimizes search and rescue operations.

MODIS is the right concept to protect employees who work alone. MODIS offers a variety of individual, customized solutions for every application from
small, inexpensive solutions to complex security concepts for both outdoor and indoor areas.

The MODIS concept

MODIS is a modular and versatile system that is composed of a maximum of three sections with the following features:

1) Mobile device

  • Continuous positioning
  • Identification of emergency situations, automatic alarm activation
  • Manual or automatic alarm setup
  • Data transmission to the positioning server

2) Positioning server

  • Computation of reliable positions
  • Comparison of the user position with predefined areas
  • Forwarding of position messages and alarms to preset contacts

3) Web application

  • Storage, visualization and analyzation of the data
  • Management of alarm messages and positions
  • Query for the current device position
  • Documentation and archiving of alarms with time and position

MODIS Website





  • Erhöhung der Sicherheit durch schnelle / einfache Alarmierung
  • Manuelle und/oder automatische Alarm-Auslösung (Sturzdetektion, Totmann-Funktion, Verlassen von Aufenthaltszonen, etc.)


  • Schnelle Informationen an die Verantwortlichen für Arbeitssicherheit bei Notfällen oder Unfällen
  • Anwenderfreundliche Bedienung der Geräte und der Webanwendung
  • Individuelle, bedarfsgerechte Lösungen dank großer Geräteauswahl und flexibler Dienstleistungen
  • Rechtliche Sicherheit mittels Alarmarchivierung