Intermodal Container Tracking

Our intermodal container tracking solutions provide commercial and government entities with actionable data

Intermodal Container Tracking

ORBCOMM provides customers with actionable data on the status of their intermodal containers and cargo in near-real time from the far corners of the world.
ORBCOMM customers depend on the real-time data offered by our intermodal container tracking solutions for complete end-to-end visibility and control of equipment fleets.
Whether for dry or refrigerated road, rail or sea containers, users can better manage their transport assets, reduce fuel and maintenance costs, increase fleet utilization, and identify priority issues for rapid response.
ORBCOMM intermodal container tracking solutions provide commercial and government entities with actionable data-when and where they need it- on the status of their cargo in near-real time, even from the most remote regions of the world.
Improve Container Visibility and Delivery Operations

  • Use valuable transactional information from containers to increase productivity and haul more loads by tracking dwell and cycle times.
  • Improve information flow between intermodal/rail/drayage and back-office operations, providing customers with greater cargo visibility.
  • Combine local intelligence on cargo status, door lock/unlock, loading and movement detection.

Locate Containers and Reduce Costs

  • Track the location of empty and full containers using location and sensor data to avoid having containers sit idle.
  • Safeguard chilled and frozen cargo from degradation while in transit. Reduce the risk and insurance costs associated with spoiled goods and cargo theft.
  • Lower fuel costs by reducing theft and continuous run usage of refrigerated units.
  • Reduce repair costs by scheduling maintenance when required.

Protect Cargo and Help Find Lost Goods

  • Help prevent cargo theft and ensure the safety of goods by collecting data from door, cargo, and tire pressure sensors.
  • Locate stranded, stolen or lost land or sea containers with GPS location information.
  • Identify location of impact events that cause severe damage to containers and cargo.

Track Gensets for Fuel, Location and Operating Status

  • Track and manage gensets in ports and intermodal transport network.
  • Monitor alarms that indicate unplanned shut-downs, low fuel and other critical conditions.
  • Reduce the number of manual inspections required to verify whether gensets are working.