visioboxx Tracking unit

New generation container tracking


Transparency is key when it comes to the transportation of valuable goods, food or pharmaceuticals. As a subsidiary of one of Europe's leading
This is why we created visioboxx: a hand-sized device made to match your expectations about container tracking. Increase your quality manageme
Logistic 4.0 means supply chain change to reach more transparency. Digitization of logistical processes becomes more and more important and is
It will help you to make your supply chain even more transparent and keep your goods under control.
It consists of two components: the tracking unit and the corresponding online customer portal.
The hand-sized tracking unit collects and communicates the following data:

  • the precise position of your goods
  • the temperature within the container between -40°C and +85°C
  • the humidity within the container between 0% and 100%
  • monitoring of container door
  • monitoring of container vibration

The collected data will be transferred via mobile radio telephone service and is accessible 24/7 through the online customer portal. All you n
And: visioboxx is qualified to monitor the transport of food and pharmaceuticals.
You use your own software to manage your logistical processes? Fine - all data collected by visioboxx can be inserted in your system easily.


Further info and technical details can be found here: Visioboxx_en.pdf