Innovative Algorithms for Rapid Precise Point Positioning



Development of new Precise Point Positioning (PPP) algorithms 

Brief Description

The project "Innovative Algorithms for Rapid Precise Point Positioning (RA-PPP)" is dedicated to the development of new Precise Point Positioning (PPP) algorithms to improve accuracy and performance. Today's PPP algorithms can achieve decimetre accuracy but only in case of long observation times. Furthermore this technique faces several problems (convergence time, hardware biases etc.) which shall be investigated within this project. The newly developed algorithms will be implemented in consecutive steps into a PPP user module by TeleConsult Austria GmbH. An evaluation of the algorithm's performance by the user module will be implemented, checking the convergence time, accuracy and availability. 


Project Partners

  • Institute for Navigation and Satellite Geodesy, Graz University of Technology (lead)
  • TeleConsult Austria GmbH
  • Institute of Geodesy and Geophysics, Vienna University of Technology
  • Wienstrom GmbH


  • Austrian Research Promotion Agency (FFG)


  • Successfully completed in 2010