Personalised Applications based on reliable Positioning, Communication and GIS / Managementsystems in the Alps



Develop a modular generic platform, which integrates the three core technologies, based on state-of-the-art and COTS products.

Brief Description

To improve a stand-alone GPS positioning PANORAMA will integrate GPS with additional sensors like accelerometers, barometric height sensors, and magnetometer to bridge GPS outages with dead reckoning. The potential of such a combined system under alpine condi-tions will be evaluated within the project’s field trials.

Many applications are based on the transmission of position information from the mobile user in the field to a service centre and the visualisation of the position data on a digital map, e.g. the visualisation of the positions of mountain rescuers at a (mobile) rescue centre, which co-ordinates the rescue operation; “electronic hiking / biking / skitouring guides”, etc. Due to the fact that GSM does not provide sufficient coverage in alpine regions, a safety critical system can not be based on GSM as sole means of communication. The PANORAMA approach will combine GSM with satellite communication technology (based on MEO satellites) to achieve high availability in remote areas for reasonable prices. Additionally the potential of alternative communication technologies like Terrestrial Trunked Radio (TETRA) will be evaluated.

The transmitted position information will be visualized using adequate geodata (i.e. satellite image, aerial image, map, digital elevation modell, ...) and specific information, like weather-, avalanch-... information. Standard internet and GIS technologies will be used.

PANORAMA will develop a modular generic platform, which is based on COTS products (to ensure low system costs) and which can be adapted for various applications. Based on a detailed analysis of the state-of-the-art, a concept for such a system will be elaborated and be used to evaluate the three core technologies in alpine environment. Based on the results of the field tests a roadmap for the future realisation of a target system will be developed


Project Partners

  • alpS GmbH – Zentrum für Naturgefahrenmanagement, Austria (lead)
  • Telematica e.K., Germany
  • TeleConsult Austria, Austria
  • GPS GmbH, Germany


  • Successfully completed in 2006