Integration of Software Receiver with Enhanced Integrity Concept on PDA for Safety Critical Handheld Applications


Development of a GNSS software receiver, running on a lightweight PC platform.

Brief Description

The purpose of the project SOPHA is to integrate a unique GNSS software receiver on a modern lightweight PC platform (e.g, on a Personal Digital Assistant) with augmentation sensors to support the navigation solution with integrity and a feasibility study of a WLAN update concept. The project will demonstrate its capabilities for personal mobility applications in unfavourable environment such as urban canyons or mountainous regions.

The technical approach will be based on state-of-the-art and innovative emerging technologies from European SME companies which will be adapted, upgraded and modified to satisfy the user requirements for new Galileo technologies and future navigation needs for personal mobility.


Project Partners
  • NordNav Technologies AB, Sweden (lead)
  • OECON Ingenieurgesellschaft für Industrieberatung und Projektmanagement mbH, Germany
  • Institut National des Télécommunications, Electronics and Physics
  • Department, France
  • TeleConsult Austria, Austria
  • Galileo Joint Undertaking, under FP6 of the European Union
  • Successfully completed in 2007