NIKE Digital Headquarters – Rapid Data Integration and Visualization


Actually the environment of operations is represented by a system of multiple actors and factors at a high level of complexity.
This is particularly impressive demonstrated at underground operations. Since the interdependencies are hardly or even at all unpredictable, the situation must get interdisciplinary for the successful permormance of those operations. To make those heterogeneous and multiple data available in a “truly comprehensive Common Operational Picture (tcCOP)” they have to be integrated and visualized quickly.
NIKE DHQ-RADIV will provide this process of RApid Data Integration and Visualization.

Brief Description

Current and future operations are characterized by enormous complexity. Since the individual interdependencies in complex systems can hardly be predicted, the provision of a comprehensive situation picture is imperative to reduce complexity and provide decision-makers with the necessary
information. Especially urban operations require the integration and visualization of enormous and very heterogeneous data sets. On the one hand, the urban environment is confusing and essential spaces are hidden from view; on the other hand, all infrastructure operators collect a large amount of relevant information, the knowledge of which is essential for successful mission management. However, this data is often only accessible when needed and/or requires interpretation by a subject matter expert before it can be used beneficially.
NIKE DHQ-RADIV is an essential sub-project of the comprehensive NIKE program and will develop the process of rapidly integrating data and visualizing this information within a truly comprehensive Common Operational Picture (tcCOP). The key is to ensure the lateral continuity of different visualization systems across the entire Reality – Virtuality continuum (2D – 3D – Mixed Reality).
Currently, only stand-alone applications are available, there is no collaborative working capability.


Project Partners
  • Montan University Leoben / Chair of Subsurface Engineering (Lead)
  • Federal Ministry of Defence, Austria / Research Group NIKE
  • Syncpoint
  • Ingenieurbüro Laabmayr & Partner ZT GesmbH
  • Meixner Vermessung
  • OHB Digital Solutions GmbH
  • Joanneum Research Forschungsgesellschaft mbH
  • The project is funded by the defense research funding program FORTE by the Federal Ministry of Agriculture, Regions and Tourism (BMLRT).
  • Successfully completed in 2023