LORAN-C/ Eurofix/ EGNOS Test and Validation Programme


Investigation and demonstration of the performance of LORAN-C/ Eurofix and EGNOS in various transport and non-transport applications all over Europe

Brief Description

The programme focused on the test and verification of the LORAN-C/ Eurofix concept as well as EGNOS regarding the special requirements of certain user groups. Especially the possibility to enhance EGNOS with LORAN-C/ Eurofix has been investigated in detail. Therefore, a large set of measurement campaigns was currently carried out involving users of services in all modes of transport as well as non-transport applications. The results of these campaigns form the basis for a thorough investigation of the potential benefits of LORAN-C/ Eurofix in practice and in a realistic environment.

The task of TeleConsult in LOREG was twofold: On the one hand, TeleConsult has developed two software packages for the archiving and analysis of the LOREG measurement data. On the other hand, the company was also involved in the system testing, especially concerning static test trials.


Project Partners
  • Telematica, Germany (Lead)
  • NODECA, Norway
  • TeleConsult Austria, Austria
  • Various other teams and companies performing measurement campaigns
  • Northwest European LORAN-C System (NELS)
  • Successfully completed in 2001