GNSS Signal Generator Streaming Extension


Development of a GNSS signal generator with real time streaming capabilities by combining S1000/S1010 (by IZT) and our GIPSIE® (now “XPLORA Core”):

  • Achieving real-time simulation capability
    • Real-time RF signal generation
    • Real-time control of the simulation environment
  • Keeping the flexibility, performance and tremendous features of GIPSIE® as well as S1000/S1010
  • Sound testing, verification and validation

Brief Description

We are are successfully cooperating with IZT (Innovationszentrum für Telekommunikationstechnik GmbH) in the field of GNSS signal generation. Currently IZT uses their S1000 / S1010 RF simulator as a hardware platform and we provide our GIPSIE® (GNSS Constellation & Signal Generation) software. In the current set-up for simulating GNSS RF signals, the GIPSIE® software generates digital signal files according to the wishes of the customers (e.g. eCall testing), which are then stored in the S1000 / S1010. Once this is done, the stored files can be played back by the customer.
Although this solution provides a huge flexibility in terms of GNSS signal fidelity and scenario generation, international customer feedback asked for real-time and streaming functionalities. The real-time control of the simulation environment allows the user to change parameters of the simulation scenario (e.g. switching on/off satellites, changing simulated receiver trajectory, or changing the environmental conditions) in real-time, so that it has an almost instantaneous impact on the receiver under test.
The envisaged GSGSE will be a full featured GNSS signal generator with real time streaming capability. Although no hardware development is required, the GNSS signal generation has to be moved from a multi-threaded software solution towards an FPGA implementation which implies the realisation of a real-time interface between GIPSIE® and S1000/S1010.
The innovation of the GSGSE solution are the real-time RF signal generation by keeping the flexibility of a software-based simulation environment and the real-time control capabilities.


Project Partners
  • OHB Digital Solutions GmbH (Lead)
  • Innovationszentrum für Telekommunikationstechnik GmbH
  • TeleOrbit GmbH

Acknowledgement: GSGSE was carried out under a programme of and funded by the European Space Agency. The view expressed herein can in no way be taken to reflect the official opinion of the European Space Agency.

  • ESA (European Space Agency) within NAVISP (Navigation Innovation and Support Programme)
  • Successfully completed in 2022