GNSS Risk and Service Monitoring


The objective of GRISMO is to enable Austrian stakeholders to assess their GNSS related risks and to better handle them based on an online quality and service-monitoring tool. GRISMO allows GNSS users to determine whether GNSS signals received meet their requirements and if there are imminent jamming, spoofing or meaconing threats.

Brief Description

In recent years, user awareness regarding intentional interference was increased by practical demonstrations and publication of interference measurements. Many users now know that they may be affected by GNSS interference, but they are currently uncertain about the extent to which they are threatened and what they can do about it. Risk management is used in many areas of our daily lives to avoid, reduce or share risks. Risk management strategies exist for almost every aspect of our lives, but none for GNSS data. Comprehensive risk management not only requires monitoring of GNSS signals, but also identifying and analysing different threat scenarios before deploying the application, applying risk minimization strategies, and monitoring the success of these strategies. Previous monitoring concepts are based on high-static static reference stations to perform a quality assessment and are thus locally bound on the one hand and tailored to professional users on the other hand and therefore neglect the underlying GNSS application. GRISMO provides a sound risk assessment based on actual user requirements, specific threat scenarios, and the technical data provision capabilities of the users. The assessment of the effects on the quality of service takes into account different mitigation strategies and different GNSS services. The online quality and service-monitoring tool GRISMO will carry out a risk analysis based on the respective GNSS application and the threat scenario to determine the probability of occurrence as well as the effects on the receiver, the application and the user. Building on this, suitable GNSS services and mitigation strategies are proposed for the specific application.


Project Partners
  • OHB Digital Solutions GmbH / TCA (Lead)
  • BRIMATECH Services GmbH
  • Bundesministerium für Landesverteidigung
  • Austro Control – Österreichische Gesellschaft für Zivilluftfahrt mit beschränkter Haftung
  • Austrian Research Promotion Agency (FFG) – ASAP 14
  • Successfully completed in 2020