Integrated solution for train positioning with tailor-made integrity calculations


Development of an integrated solution for train positioning that incorporates tailor-made integrity calculations for future safety critical train based location systems.

Brief Description

Train location systems have to satisfy high standards regarding reliability, safety, availability and integrity of position data, since erroneous position data might result in severe damage.

Existing location systems do often not only rely upon train based systems but also on track-side installations. In many rural areas, radio based communication systems also play a significant role.

The project DITPOS RAIL focuses on utilizing satellite based navigation technology for deriving an integrated positioning system (using GNSS, augmented by train-based sensors) which is independent from track-side installations. Focusing on the deployment and use in rural areas, the derived system will incorporate tailor-made integrity calculations that are suited for enabling subsequent certification processes.

The project aims to provide system design and safety concept elements as well as a demonstrator that are derived by strict adherence to processes applying formal certification requirements (TRL level 2 – 4). Regional train operators support the consortium during requirement analysis, system design and final validation of the demonstrator to be developed. Thus, a user driven development is ensured.

Results from this activity will enable the development of further products and/or services that increase the spectrum of train related technologies such as GNSS-based operation/activation of level crossings und thus facilitate benefits for the general public. Such systems will help to significantly reduce costs e.g. for the modernization of level-crossing installations by reducing infrastructure cost and – at the same time – allow for increased safety in activation and operation of these installations.


Project Partners
  • Berner & Mattner Systemtechnik GmbH (Lead)
  • TeleConsult Austria GmbH
  • FH OÖ Forschungs & Entwicklungs GmbH
  • Austrian Research Promotion Agency (Österreichische Forschungsförderungsgesellschaft, FFG)
  • Successfully completed in 2015