Application of Galileo In the LBS Environment


AGILE contributes to the successful take-off of Galileo based LBS applications, addressing and mitigating all enabling elements (institutional and technological), and paving the way for medium-term, business-effective LBS applications that maximise the benefits derived from EGNOS and Galileo.

Brief Description

Location Based Services for personal mobility have for some time been recognised as the primary future market for Galileo in terms of the number of users and potential revenue. Previous GNSS/Galileo activities in this field have focused, primarily, on emergency services and professional applications. The challenge of the AGILE (Application of Galileo in the LBS Environment) project is to address the LBS mass market by focusing on all aspects that may facilitate the acceptance and success of EGNOS and Galileo based solutions from the perspective of delivering profitable business returns.

  • The strategies of AGILE are:
  • To precisely characterise the LBS market in terms of classes of applications, and to deeply analyse and assess the service enablers for each of these application groups.
  • To push further for an open business model as a framework for success of Galileo-based applications.
  • To reinforce standardisation and regulation activities to ensure that Galileo signals and services will be usable in mobile networks.
  • To promote the Galileo advanced features and their potential benefit for the LBS sector.
  • To assess the European geo-information market for availability of relevant content, critical to the successful development of the LBS market sector.
  • To demonstrate a pre-commercial EGNOS-based LBS platform based on industrial commercial products with the objective to support the short-term commercial launch of EGNOS-based services.
  • Prototype elements will also be integrated for longer-term demonstrations of Galileo.

The AGILE solution places emphasis on the LBS enablers that will foster the development of GNSS based LBS applications for the mass market. The ultimate objective is to proceed and consolidate the roadmap and actions that will efficiently bring Galileo-based, value-added applications to reality, for the benefit of users (travellers in their every day life) and investors.


Project Partners
  • LogicaCMG, UK (lead)
  • LogicaCMG, Sweden
  • LogicaCMG, Spain
  • Alcatel Alenia Space, France
  • CNES, France
  • Deimos Space, Spain
  • Enteos, Italy
  • ERTICO, Belgium
  • ESYS, UK
  • GeoConcept, France
  • INT, France
  • IIASL – Leiden University, The Netherlands
  • Mapflow, Ireland
  • NAVTEQ, Belgium
  • NSL, UK
  • Skysoft, Portugal
  • Telecom Italia Lab, Italy
  • TeleConsult Austria, Austria
  • Telefónica I+D, Spain
  • Telefonica Moviles Espania, Spain
  • Galileo Joint Undertaking, under FP6 of the European Union
  • Successfully completed in 2007