ORBComm iApp

Internet of Things (IoT) Cloud-Based Service Platform for Enterprise Application Enablement

ORBComm iApp

iApp is a cloud-based IoT service platform that enables the rapid development, deployment and management of sensor-based applications for the connected world.

Quick, Powerful and Scalable IoT Platform Solution Enablement:
Combine enterprise systems integration and wireless tracking and sensors with user friendly tools
Modern asset tracking applications take advantage of cutting-edge Internet of Things (IoT), RFID, sensor technologies and more to improve visibility, ROI, operational efficiency and manage risk.
But the learning curve is steep, the data streams are enormous, the integration with new and evolving business systems is challenging, and the selection of the best, agnostic wireless technology for the enterprise requires experience. With iApp, enterprises can leverage ORBCOMM's scale and experience in a scalable and easy-to-use platform.
iApp is a cloud-based IoT service platform that supports high-end IoT performance applications. It works with a broad range of enterprise solutions partners with an ecosystem of integrators. iApp enables the rapid development, deployment and management of sensor-based applications for the connected world.
Designed to reduce the time, cost and complexity associated with developing, deploying and supporting enterprise IoT solutions, iApp enables users to rapidly build, prototype, test, deploy, replicate and sell applications across virtually every market segment served by the IoT, RFID and sensor communities.

iApp allows the creation of performance solutions that leverage identification tracking & GPS combined with local asset intelligence and monitoring for scalable, high ROI-based applications. iApp leverages satellite, cellular, BLE, RFID, barcode and Wi-Fi communications technologies to provide the best solutions for customers.

  • iApp for Supply Chain: Track, optimize and improve the integrity of the supply chain and logistics operations through complete, real-time, transactional information.
  • iApp for Inventory and Warehouse Management: Improve the visibility, accuracy and efficiency of inventory, high value equipment and work tools to improve ROI.
  • iApp for Cold Chain and Pharma: Provide immediate "Time Out of Refrigeration" notifications throughout the supply chain by leveraging enterprise systems integration, sensors and transportation infrastructure.
  • iApp for Energy: Manage equipment, tools, people, vehicles for complex applications involving oil & gas, pipeline and offshore operations.

Platform Components:

  • SensorNet: Controls, manages and monitors multiple IoT devices at a local site. Provides the configuration tools to build and execute an application.
  • ProcessZone: The edge server that manages all activity with IoT sensors locally (BLE, RFID, GPS, barcode, temperature, handling, humidity, etc.)
  • iApp Mobile: With this mobility application-builder utility, applications can be instantly commissioned over-the-web to thousands of remote devices simultaneously.
  • iApp Sapphire: Provides a highly scalable, high availability and robust enterprise-ready, premise environment.