ORBComm GT-Serie

GT600, GT1000, GT1100, GT2300


GT600 (Satellite) for General and Multi-Purpose Asset Tracking
Mobile asset tracking and intrusion detection
The low-cost, low-profile GT 600 is a self-contained, reliable asset tracking and intrusion detection device for transportation, oil and gas and other industrial markets. Using one-way satellite communications, the GT 600 supports a security cable that can be used to wrap around container locking bars or other latching mechanisms for maximum cargo security.
Reduce risk and improve the bottom line with security and mobile asset tracking features like cargo intrusion detection, unauthorized movement, event-based reporting capabilities and more.
Asset Tracking Made Easy and Affordable

GT1000 (Cellular) for Intermodal Containers and Cargo Security
Cargo Security and Theft Prevention
ORBCOMM's GT 1000 is a cost-effective, cellular-enabled electronic bolt seal targeted for cargo security, theft prevention and recovery as well as virtual warehouse and in-transit visibility for intermodal containers. The GT 1000's reusable bolt and locking cap provide a secure container lock and reliably detect cut or removal in real-time for maximum security.
Cargo monitoring is further enhanced with a robust optional web application that features security, supply chain automation, management overview via dashboards, precise measurement against performance metrics, and the ability to detect and correct supply chain anomalies in real time, significantly improving asset visibility, theft prevention and operational efficiency.
Cargo monitoring, security and in-transit visibility for intermodal containers

GT1100 (Cellular and Dual-Mode) for Trailers, Tracking, Intermodal
GPS Trailer Tracking: Solar-Powered and Hassle-Free
ORBCOMM's GT 1100 is a ruggedized device with a low profile, designed specifically for tracking trailers, railcars, chassis and containers. The GT 1100 is sensor-compatible and self-powered with solar recharging technology for low power consumption and long service life, which eliminates the need for frequent battery changes.
GT 1100 has a small form factor that makes it easy to install on trailers and intermodal containers to provide complete asset visibility, improve operations and lower the cost of doing business.
Available in cellular and dual-mode satellite-cellular configurations, the GT 1100 is optionally integrated with the robust CargoWatch® web application that delivers near-real-time alerts on trailer status, location, history, as well as arrival and departure, providing greater visibility and utilization for fleet managers.
Complete Visibility for Tracking Trailers and Containers, Without Maintenance or Frequent Battery Changes

GT2300 (Cellular) for Intermodal Containers and Cargo Security
Intermodal Container Tracking from the Industry Leader
ORBCOMM's GT 2300 is a robust, self-powered intermodal container tracking device with cellular communications and GPS, providing valuable insight into the status, movement, loading and unloading transactions of dry intermodal container operations. By leveraging powerful telematics capabilities integrated with intermodal information systems, the GT 2300 enables operators to optimize container utilization and movement.
The GT 2300 is integrated with the feature-rich CargoWatch® web application which provides instantaneous knowledge and notifications of loading and unloading events, allowing operators to optimize container movement and accelerate utilization.
Track intermodal containers with a state-of-the-art telematics solution

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