Railcar Tracking

Stay in touch with your railcar and ensure asset visibility at every stage between point of origin and final destination

Railcar Tracking

ORBCOMM's railcar tracking and monitoring solutions allow owners and operators to stay in touch with their railcar and ensure asset visibility at every stage between point of origin and final destination.
Specifically designed for the continuous monitoring, control and management of railcars, ORBCOMM's rail tracking solutions provide two-way, near real-time communication so fleet managers can optimize utilization, enhance security, monitor for damage and health, and lower operating costs.
Improve Visibility of Railcars and Cargo

  • Logistics: Tracking railcar location and monitor critical components using timely, accurate and actionable information to optimize fleet performance.
  • Geofencing: Use GPS and geofencing to deliver near real-time alerts of critical events, such as when railcars enter or leave rail yards, border crossings and other points-of-interest.
  • Event Monitoring: Gain full visibility of railcars and instant reporting of incidents such as rough handling impacts, truck hunting, low fuel levels on reefer cars, intrusions anywhere on the rail network.
  • Safety: Keep chemicals and other hazardous materials in sight with continuous monitoring using telematics devices for rail and container operations.

Monitor Cargo, Fuel Levels and Overspeed Impacts on Refrigerated Railcars

  • Reliably monitor temperature of food and other perishabled goods and reduce claims due to spoilage. Help prevent food from thawing or freezing depending on outside temperature.
  • Use fuel sensors to monitor fuel levels, usage and optimize fuel efficiency of your railcars' refrigeration units.
  • Monitor temperature, hatches, cargo, send alerts and use two-way communication to set or adjust temperatures and alarms remotely.

Help Protect Railcars with Advanced Impact Monitoring

  • Use advanced impact monitoring accelerometers to gain valuable insight into how railcars are being handled.
  • Monitor railcars, containers, chassis and cargo for excessive impact in transit and in hump yards.
  • Use device accelerometer to determine when and where damage may have occurred, including exact time, location and force of impact. Use information to trace and bill back for damage.

Locate Railcars and Estimate Dwell Times

  • Quickly find and deploy idle railcars using GPS information to reduce dwell times, excess inventory and ensure greater railcar utilization.
  • Reduce time spent at terminals and other stop points. Calculate stop times at rail stations and border crossings using geofencing capabilities, and receive unscheduled stop alerts.
  • Provide accurate Estimated Time of Arrival (ETA) of any shipment to customers to support just-in-time rail operations.